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Quality of service survey

To ensure quality of service, Execo carried out a customer satisfaction survey in Autumn 2010

Here are some of the many replies...

We would just like to say that we were extremely satisfied with the service and would like to use you again next year. John B.
Could not manage without your expertise. Excellent. Steven B.
You have always provided my wife « first class » service. Thank you. Michael C.
Very pleased with the service for speed and helpfulness. Michael Ch.
Very happy with the service provided for this years accounts and the advice given. Brenda C.
I deal with France Bitan, she is excellent at her job, friendly and but for her, I would have many complications living here in France. Long may she remain with your company. Tony G.
In all my dealings with you I have found your service and attitude to be excellent. Christopher I.
My dealings with your company over the past three years have been exclusively with France Bitan whose immediate appraisal of my tax needs has been exemplary. I am 85, computer illiterate with little French application. My husband and I are taxed in two countries and two currencies. Submitted to her has always been handwritter. How appraisal of our tax situation has been immediate, her feedback friendly, translation perfect. Requests and datelines have been honored, delivery of documents reliable and expertise confident and easy. Thus I have a very high regard for Execo. Rosa L.
A very professional and friendly service. Questions and concerns always addressed quickly and thoroughly. Andrew Mc.
Suffice to say are very happy with the friendly way we were received, and the very professional way in which our tax was dealt with. This was our first year and we ‘ll be back again next year, sooner if we have any questions. Norman M.
Overall I am very happy with the service I receive from Execo. In my 2 experiences the responses from Execo have been very quick indeed and my tax form was completed successfully. Of course, my natural language is English and the times I have spoken to Execo I have found it easy to discuss things and following up with an email for confirmation is always a good idea and I would always do this when in UK as well. When I started my relationship with Execo I was looking for a company to help and to give me advice to ensure my tax bill is the smallest possible and that I claim all the relevant tax deductible items and so far Execo has done this very well. I am not worried about the colour of the carpet in your office or what picture you have on the wall ; I am more interested in long relationship, professional approach, open communication, advice and help. At this moment I am happy with my relationship with Execo. Stephen P.
We are very grateful for the advice and assistance we have received from Execo Partners. We could not have dealt with the complicated tax forms on our own. Many thanks. Mary W.