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The firm

EXECO Partners joined DK partners in 2008

Comprised of independent companies specialising in corporate consulting, public accounting, auditing, legal and contractual ; DK Partners brings together twenty-eight offices located mainly in Paris, Versailles, Orleans, Cahors, Toulouse, Valence and since July 2009 in Casablanca, Morocco.

DK Partners includes more than 150 employees and 25 associates accounting graduates and auditors and achieves a turnover of over € 13 million per annum.

DK Partners can support the development of its customers throughout France and abroad.

The methodology developed by DK Partners is to strive for independence with a guarantee of security and added value for its customers.

The values of DK Partners are part of a quality which is reflected mainly by :

  • Respecting the rules of ethics, confidentiality, professional standards and professional diligence ;
  • Maintaining a high level of skills through the policy of staff training ;
  • The personal involvement of members in supervising all assignments ;
  • Independence ;
  • Prompt Response.

Being more than just a network, DK Partners brings together partners, accounting firms and auditors. This organisation promotes greater responsiveness in serving our customers.
DK Partners is mobilised in its core business of: accounting, consulting, auditing and statutory auditing.

DK Partners operates from a predominantly middle-market base of clients. Business areas are more varied.

DK Partners allows us to develop synergies and specialisation while maintaining offices on a human scale. Stable and available, experts show high response times. All partners are directly reachable and are heavily involved in all issues. Business is based on a relationship of trust to be able to anticipate and address issues promptly and efficiently. Personal approach, modern means of assistance and customer loyalty attest to the high caliber teams of DK Partners.

The sharing of cultures, information exchange: a history of meetings

Each individual firm retains its direction and identity, the unity of DK Partners is affirmed in the numerous meetings that involve many training sessions: orientation, methodology, development of technology and regulations.

DK Partners encourages the pooling of resources. Firms who join the partnership are initially invited to face to face meetings. They retain their own culture, but the basic working rules are those of DK Partners.

DK Partners encourages debate and the harmonizing of procedures. DK Partners offers quality intervention of a large firm, whilst retaining the flexibility on a human scale.