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The firm

The relationship between Pierre Cheron and English are a long story

Pierre Cheron' mother, Andrée, had an English correspondent, Esme, from 1936 till Esme's death in 2003. The connection was done by the college of the two young girls (they were 15 years old). In 1939, ( not a good year for tourism !) Esme with her future husband Harry, came and saw Andrée in Paris.

The Second World War did not destroy the relationship and in 1946, Andrée recently married with René Cheron travelled to London to meet her old friend.

Though Esme family travelled a lot and removed often, the two women wrote regularly each other sending photos of the children who born : Pierre in 1949, Antoinette in 1950, Adrian in 1953, Jacquelyn in 1956, Jean-Luc in 1957 and Charles in 1959. On each side of the Channel we have our cousins.

In 1965, Pierre Cheron made his first trip in Great Britain and visited Esme family in Solihull. The year after, Esme, Harry and their family removed to settle in New Zeeland at antipodes of France.

In 2003, Esme who had Elsheimer disease, died. Since some years, Antoinette had written to Andrée to give news of her parents because her mother could not do it any longer. In 2005, Harry died.

Some months after, Antoinette who is married in Australia with Tony an Austrian man went on the “Old” Continent and visited André and René at Christmas. It was the first time they see them and for Pierre Cheron it was the second time after forty years. The hears were become grey but the memories were perfect.

Antoinette related her grandfather Ben would have wanted to be French and strolled with a beret on his head. Was it because he had lost a leg in France during the First World War in spite of this bad memory ? His sense of humour was so good that he called his wood leg Georgina from the name of King of this period.

Sooner, but is it just a correlation or coincidence, Andrée's father and her brothers born between 1884 and 1896 had Christian names of husband, sons and grandson of Victoria : Albert, Edouard , Alfred and Georges. Unfortunately we have no explanation for that. Strange isn't it ?