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The firm

Who are we ?

Settling in France, whether you are an individual or a professional, is never as simple as could be expected.

The first obstacle is undoubtedly the language barrier.

It is for this reason, our firm has taken the decision to be able to speak English with you, find business partners who speak English and to identify a number of websites in English.
But at times technical words in finance, are unfortunately, sometimes difficult to translate from French, so hence the basis of the literature is in French.
This is also why we have selected partners who can help you discover the language of Molière.

The second obstacle is the difference between the French and British administrative organizations.

The practice of "wait and see" is probably the worst strategy.
Nothing is unsolvable when questions are asked before, rather than after, options are taken whether they be good or bad decisions. It is far better to spend a little time and money to proactively manage the situation rather than attempt to resolve the problems afterwards.
The sound advice is: "Anticipate and plan."

The third challenge consists of frequent changes of rules.

It is for this reason we have implemented a system of documentation and on-going training of our staff to meet the expectations of our customers.

The fourth challenge is to find good advice.

If you should fall ill, you do not consult a plumber to treat you.
Similarly, for your financial, social and legal issues, it is important to choose the appropriate business professional.

EXECO Partners have extensive expertise in key areas to assist clients :
  • To support activities of craftsmen and tradesmen ;
  • Support the local community ;
  • Support local developments and tourism ;
  • Projects within the property sector ;
  • Autoentrepreneur.
EXECO Partners has put in place appropriate procedures for its customers for which it can provide a wide range of benefits including :
  • Accounting entry or revision of accounts held by the company ;
  • Periodic tax returns ;
  • Payroll and social security declarations ;
  • Audit of accounts ;
  • Forecast management and treasury ;
  • Accounting and budget setting ;
  • Reporting ;
  • Training of accounting staff and employees ;
  • Annual Income tax and wealth tax returns ;
  • General advice.
For English-speaking clients,

EXECO Partners has a policy to recruit staff who speak English with the ability to train in technical language.


EXECO Partners has created a network of partners selected for their skills and their ability to communicate in English : banks, insurance companies, notaires, lawyers, estate agents, consultants executing mergers and acquisitions.


EXECO Partners has selected links in English about French life and the French economy.
EXECO Partners has offices in the following towns :

and in partners’ offices in

  • Angoulême (Charente) ;
  • Toulouse (Haute Garonne) ;
  • Limoges (Haute Vienne) ;
  • Saint Germain les Vergnes (Corrèze).
EXECO Partners is member of Francobritish Chamber of commerce & industry