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Execo Partners! A local firm, close to its clients but belonging to a national structured group: DK partners

Execo partners has developed specific skills for its French and foreign clients—individual companies, corporations, associations and self-employed persons—in the following main areas:

  • assistance for the creation and development of companies;
  • craft and trade activities;
  • the non-profit sector;
  • local development and tourism;
  • the real estate sector.

Execo partners has implemented client-specific procedures with a wide range of services, including:

  • entry of accounts or revision of the accounts kept by the company;
  • periodic tax returns;
  • payroll and social security returns;
  • audit of accounts;
  • management and cash flow forecasts;
  • the implementation of cost and budgetary accounting;
  • drafting reports;
  • accounting training for managers and employees;
  • preparing tax returns on annual income and real estate assets.

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1 agency
7 employees
70 clients
20 years of experience

Our assignments


Participating in the keeping of accounts:

  • Implementation of the company-specific accounting plan;
  • Monitoring record keeping;
  • Monitoring accounting services;
  • Implementation and monitoring of operational cost accounting;
  • Accounting assistance of all kinds;
  • Drawing up periodic statements, balance sheets and income statements;
  • Issuint approvals to members of approved management centres;
  • Establishment of interim accounts;
  • Establishment of group accounts, consolidation of balance sheets and accounts;
  • Preparation of the financing table;
  • Assistance from the Works Council.

Review, certification:

  • Contractual review of accounts;
  • Review of internal control procedures;
  • Legal review of accounts (audit office);
  • Review prior to participation;
  • A pre-IPO review of a company's securities;
  • Office of the Commissioner for Contributions.

Legal & Fiscal

Business Law:

  • Contracts and leases;
  • Cartel legislation;
  • Price legislation;
  • Business Criminal Law.

Company Law:

  • Choice of company form;
  • Completion of all operations (incorporation, capital increase, transfer of shares, merger, transformation, division, dissolution, liquidation);
  • Corporate Secretariat: Reports of boards of directors and general meetings, and related formalities.

Sole proprietorship Law:

  • Property rights;
  • Social security of the managing director;
  • Transmission.

Tax Law:

  • Studies and consultations on tax issues;
  • Participation in the preparation of tax returns:
    • Direct taxes;
    • VAT and similar taxes;
    • Real estate taxation;
    • Registration and transfer rights;
    • Customs;
    • Other taxes and duties;
  • Taxpayer assistance during audits.

Consulting & Management

General management consulting:

  • Forward planning;
  • Analysis of costs, margins and profitability;
  • Capital projects: cost and profitability;
  • Dashboards, budget control;
  • Contributing to the protection of the company's assets;
  • Profile optimisation study;
  • Management ratios;
  • Assistance in the prevention and handling of company problems.

Financial management consulting:

  • Analysis of financial management and return on investment;
  • Financial ratios;
  • Working capital analysis and management techniques;
  • Credit systems, leasing, factoring;
  • Participation (study, assistance, practical implementation).

Relations with banking and financial institutions:

  • Creation of files in the context of company creations and implementations;
  • Financial structure analysis;
  • Establishing cash flow plans;
  • Construction of medium- and long-term financing plans;
  • Choice of financing methods and drawing up credit reports.


Labour Law:

  • Enforcement of labour legislation and regulations;
  • Consultations on specific labour law issues;
  • Study and drafting of employment contracts;
  • Termination issues;
  • Problems relating to representation in the company, employee representatives, works councils and trade union rights;
  • Study and application of texts relating to the participation of workers in expansion profits;
  • Incentive system (implementation, monitoring);
  • Continuing vocational training.

Social security:

  • Consultation on specific social security and insurance problems (including pension schemes);
  • Preparation of pay slips and payroll accounting;
  • Preparation of social contribution returns;
  • Assistance with claims and verification of company administrations.

Company review:

  • Study and implementation;
  • Monitoring.


Organisation of a traditional accounting system:

  • How information is entered
  • Choice of input media.

Review of computer accounts